wander a dreary city of concrete structures and unknown melodies

tonight you die is an audio rich first person exploration game. players are abandoned in a desolate brutalist cityscape with only a menacing note as a clue: "tonight you die"

a paranoid fantasy existing in the space between a music single and an exploration game, tonight you die culminates with the player's inevitable demise and GRYPT's eponymous song

tonight you die is available for pc, mac, and linux on

content warning(contains spoilers)

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by duende games
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sound design by GRYPT

soundtrack released in collaboration with deathbomb arc

"Tonight You Die is not an e-mail subject I especially relish finding in my inbox, but I can get used to that brief shock if it brings me more games like Tonight You Die​" - Alice O' Connor (Rock Paper Shotgun)

"It drills down on the imminent nightmare reaped in GRYPT's song "Tonight You Die." Singer Romie Romak's ghostly incantation of a death incoming is turned into a terrorscape made of ominous masonry. Now that's scary.​"  Chris Priestman (Kill Screen)

"This space is abstract but it feels tangible, representative, honest. And that's the best praise I can ever give to a game.​" - Stuart Arias




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